Music Prelewd (7:46) Prelude (17:10) Susan Sarong (4:17) Winter (Soke My Linnet/Splashgirl)
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In a tyme so long ago she carry/ied the can, nourishing stories: A life different/diffident; pleasures drawn from darkest well. ! O(h) suche webs we weave when we practice. Then, deceived, wi(n)dow child weep (!?)but(t) will fatal theories. Under sheltering sky/ies love freeze, storm-whipped in these strange, embittered tomes. Sisters testify, wired to the prophet sign : No more tiffs ! or butts Women suffer then. Men must suffer too ! So there g(l)ory - gloria KYLINME NOTES / KILENNY TOMES ENO & BON(e)O MkSLITENY JEFFRY ?HOW(e) NOSTLIKEYMEN MONK 'n SLIT-EYE KLONNIE TYMES KONTES LEMINY The Four Susans Susan Sarongdon Susan Danyboil Susan Boy George Susan Humpsheer