Music Prelewd (7:46) Prelude (17:10) Susan Sarong (4:17) Winter (Soke My Linnet/Splashgirl)
Protags & Antags The Four Susans project is a year-long, multi-media, work-in-process farrago, spawned by the espresso-fooled sprawl to be found everywhere-yet-nowhere in ( which is a-bit-longer-than-a-year-long ) All of this work be the (de)construct of The Discombobulates of Kelostemy Inn creators of and collaborators with&within the developing fable of The Four Susans Now if that make sense, you really haven't read it yet, least not properly. And you will be wondering whether it has anything at all to do with Antonio Vivaldi. Well ! brace yourself peeps,'cos there's not just The Luton Wind a-huffin' but The Vivaldi Wind to boot, blown from The Bridge of Sighs to Kelostemy Inn, in the shape of a Giro' sister; one of Tony's 'girls' As the drama unfold, we recommend that !you 'ang on to yer Italianate 'ats And that's not hanging onto 500 cappellos ! ! but ONE cappello 500 times